DT Collapsible Core

Roehr’s DT Collapsible Core is a positive, mechanically actuated core for the injection molding industry requirements for undercut solutions, detail and threaded parts.

Roehr’s DT Collapsible Cores offer a unique opportunity to revisit older tooling designs and rebuild or refurbish the molds for maximum production efficiency and profitability. Many molders have realized the cost-saving and profit-boosting benefits of using DT Cores.

DT Collapsible Core

Simplified Mold Design

Roehr’s DT Collapsible Core is a positive, mechanically actuated collapsible core that eliminates complex gear and rack approaches, resulting in a simpler mold and a faster cycle time.

The maintenance advantage is dramatic due to a patented quick-lock feature that allows removal and servicing of the core unit while the mold is still in the press.

The DT Core’s compact design allows for shorter stack height, tighter cavity spacing, and also creates opportunities for use in slides or on the stationary side of the mold.

  • Simplified, smaller molds
  • Faster cycle times
  • Improved part quality
  • Reduced mold maintenance
  • Ability to rebuild existing tools and breathe new life into old unscrewing molds.
  • Conversion to DT Cores through replacement mold or back half rebuild
  • Very simple mold base, no ejector system.
  • Run with machine knock-out only. No Hydraulic actions.
  • Positive mechanical collapse, no flexing steel.
  • 50% less split lines.
  • More efficient cooling.
  • Faster cycle times.
  • Easier to maintain.
  • Repairable if damaged.
  • Can be removed from the mold when the mold is in the machine with Quick Lock Plate option.

Roehr’s Sub-10 DT Cores make it possible to release very small threads and undercuts in molded caps, connectors and small medical parts.

  • Allows molding of parts with 7-10mm ID.
  • Simpler alternative to unscrewing molds.
  • Reduces cycle time and maintenance requirements.

Collapsing Segments

  • Designed to mechanically collapse when the center pin is withdrawn.
  • The fit between the segments is controlled to permit flash-free molding.

Material A-2 | Hardness 54 – 57 HRC

Center Pin

  • Serves to expand the segments of the core to their molding position
  • The pin may be flush to the core face.

Material D-2 | Hardness 60 – 62 HRC

Carrier Assembly

  • Mounts DT Core assembly to the mold carrier plate.
  • Provides guided and anti-rotational segment movement.

Material D-2 | Hardness 60 – 62 HRC

  • Standard DT Collapsible Cores have a diameter size range from 10mm (.394”) to 61mm (2.401”) and offer complete 360⁰ thread or undercut geometry.
  • Sub-10 DT Collapsible Cores have a smaller diameter size range from 7mm (.275”) to 10mm (.394”) and also offer complete 360⁰ thread or undercut geometry.
  • Custom DT Collapsible Cores can be manufactured in diameters up to 400mm (15.75”)
  • Molded parts do not need to be closed at one end. They can be partially or completely open ended. Also, threads or undercuts do not need to be continuous.
  • DT Collapsible Cores can be “Shutoff” onto the top or sides to create through hole features in the molded part.
  • Roehr Tool can supply Dovetail Collapsible Cores as “Blanks” without the machined molding details or “Complete” with molding details included so the cores are ready for moldbase installation when received by the customer.
  • Dovetail Collapsible Cores can be used with all types of materials including high temperature and corrosive variants such as PEEK and PVC.
  • Protective coatings can be applied to the DT Cores for wear and corrosion resistance.

Roehr’s collapsible cores come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit a wide range of undercut release and part size configurations. Roehr’s Engineering Team provides support throughout the collapsible core design process to ensure a successful and profitable experience for our customer’s and yours. Custom cores with size requirements that fall outside of the standard Collapsible Core and MiniCore ranges are available. In addition, finished cores with machined, EDM’d, or ground details can be supplied. Contact Roehr Tool at information@roehrtool.com for an application review and quotation.

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