Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Roehr products manufactured?

All of Roehr products are designed manufactured in the USA with our home base location just out side of Boston Massachusetts.

What are Roehr products made from?

Typically a combination of A2 and D2 Tool steels. A2 is used mainly for the flexing steel products for its combination of hardness, toughness and flexing properties. D2 is generally used for center pins and DT Core Carrier Assemblies. The combination of A2 and D2 together exhibit phenomenal wear resistant and long life expectancy together.

Are coatings recommended for Roehr products?

Coatings are available and great for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and overall ease of cleaning Roehr components, but are generally not necessary unless running a material such as PVC. All of Roehr products are made from the highest quality tool steels and hardened between 54rc and 62rc depending on the component providing a long life in an uncoated form.

How big and how small can the molded parts be when using Roehr products?

For collapsible cores, the size range is typically from 7mm to 400mm although we can design and manufacture both smaller and larger sizes in some instances. For Expandable Cavities, the size range is unlimited.

How many cycles can we expect out of a Roehr product?

With proper care and maintenance, Roehr products are engineered to last the life of the mold. Our flexing steel products are engineered with infinite spring life and will not fatigue. Our mechanical products are engineered for minimal wear contact areas and there are tools in the industry with well over 5 million cycles on them.

Do you guarantee the number of cycles the tools will provide?

Because we do not have control over the environment in which our tools are used, it is impossible for us to guarantee a number of cycles. We do guarantee that our products are manufactured with the highest quality and are dimensionally within publicized or agreed upon specifications. Proper care and maintenance is critical to the life of our products as with any mechanical action in an injection mold.

Does Roehr provide maintenance training?

Yes, the Roehr team can provide maintenance training in many ways including presentations, webinars and even on-site depending on the project. We realize that for a customer to have a most pleasant experience with our products, they must be properly trained and educated on not only the function but care and maintenance of the product.

We have never used Roehr products before, what can we expect in terms of technical support?

Roehr’s engineering team will provide you with as much or as little technical assistance as you require. From simple question answering to mold base pocket and bore information, all the way to complete mold designs are available from the team. We recommend that you get the Roehr Engineering Team involved early on in the product or mold design phases of your project.

How do I know if my molded part will work with a Roehr Tool product?

The easiest way to see if you have a fit for Roehr products is to send you a part drawing or model to Roehr for a review. We have Application Engineers on staff who review part geometry every day. We often tell customers not to spend too much time searching through catalog data as we can turn around a review and recommendation very quickly.