A1 Tool - Case Study

A-1 Tool

  • Company Name: A1 Tool
  • Company Location: Melrose Park, IL
  • Product: Dovetail Collapsible Core

A-1 tool was awarded a mold build involving four inserts with different threads that had to have the ability to be interchanged while the mold remained in the press.

Knowing that traditional unscrewing methods would never work, A-1’s president, Geoff Luther, and Alfonso Arciniegas, Project Manager, contracted Roehr and found that DT Cores were the perfect solution.
“Not only where we faced with three different types of threads, but also different sizes,” explained Arciniegas. “We’re talking a 2-inch buttressed opening and a vent opening with a large pitch. The DT Core made it possible by simplifying the tool design, and it saved our customer money on the tool build.”

“We built a tool for our customer that’s easier to run and it saved us from having to work with different sizes and types of threads.”

“We were impressed that we were able to pull a much deeper undercut compared too other, more traditional styles of collapsing cores,” add Luther. “Plus, having cooling capability in them was great. We were happy to see how well they cooled at the transfer to the individual segments. We were also amazed with the technical support and the finished product.”