Did You Know – Std DT Mold Plate Details

Did You Know – Standard DT Mold Plate Details

Earlier this year RTS announced the release of a new line of (23) standard Dovetail Collapsible Cores ranging in size from 10mm to 61mm. This new series of standard DT C-Cores have proven to be very popular with new and old customers alike.

Since the release, Roehr’s Sr. Design Engineer, Justin Landry, has been busy creating standard mold base plate stacks and pocket machining details for the new cores. As of November 1st, these new details which complement the new DT Standards is available for customers on request.

“The geometry, available in 2d and 3d format, will assist customers in their mold design process when using Roehr’s Dovetail Collapsible Cores” says Landry “and will reduce the design time considerably”

When asked what’s new on the horizon from Roehr Tool Landry comments, “We are now in the process of engineering “Complete” mold designs from the parting line back for multi-cavity DT C-Core applications. In the near future, when a customer orders two or more Dovetail Collapsible Cores from RTS, we will be able to provide them with a pre-engineered mold design complete with their thread ground or machined DT Cores installed, in both 2d and 3d CAD formats” and adds, “We can’t make the mold design process much easier than that for our customers”

Roehr Tools Standard DT Mold Base designs are schedule to be complete and available for customers early in 2017.


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